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Education Ministry makes public 2018 school calendar.

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Education Ministry makes public 2018 school calendar.

Both public primary and secondary schools will now open next week on Tuesday, according to circular released by the Ministry of Education.

According to the timetable released by Education PS Richard Belio Kipsang, the schools will break for two weeks on April 6, August 3 and October 26 respectively.

The learning period for the first term will last 14 weeks and schools will close on April 6. A Ministry of Education circular released by Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang says the second term will start on April 30.

This term will also last 14 weeks before ending on August 3. Half term for secondary schools has been scheduled for February 24 to March 4 for first term and June 16 to 24 for second term. Third term will begin on August 27 and run until October 26.

In a statement, Kipsang says the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations will take place between October 29 and November 1 while the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations has been scheduled for between November 5 and November 30.

According to Kipsang, the 38 week learning calendar has been agreed on following consultations between the Ministry and stakeholders in the Education sectors.

The school year in Kenya begins in January and ends around end of October or beginning of November just before the national exams are held.

The school year is divided into three terms.

The school holiday and term dates released by the Ministry of Education are followed by primary and secondary schools as well as colleges across the country.

Courtesy of Capital News.


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