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Machakos County to construct road in record time.

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Machakos County to construct road in record time.

 Machakos County has registered another first with the start of the fifth road to be built by applying bitumen and tarmac on a one kilometre stretch in a record 10 minutes instead of the average one hour.

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua who oversaw the start of the tarmacking of the new 20-kilometre Kivandini-Masinga road described the process as an example of how his Maendeleo Chap Chap party intends to prove that it is possible to speed up development through efficiency.

When complete, the road will link Mutwamwaki, Kalundu, Musingini, Mikimari, Masinga and Kivuthi markets to Masinga town on tarmac.

Mutua said the tarmacking process is borrowed from construction practice in the United States of America, Dubai, China and Australia and shows it was possible to build roads in record time.

“There are no external contractors employed on the project and all the work is being done by county workers and equipment,” Mutua said.

Under the plan, the different machines are arranged to work in sync to ensure seamless operation.

Bitumen is distributed followed by the drum roller and the neumatic roller and chip spreads in a well-coordinated arrangement to ensure the road is ready for use within a matter of minutes.

“In Kenya, we take forever to complete projects adding to the cost, more than in many other countries, mainly due to poor project planning, logistics and laxity,” Mutua said.

The new road construction system is based on cutting wastage of time and material by proper project management logistics where machines work simultaneously and continuously.

This is a system employed in China where they are able to construct several kilometres of road in a matter of hours.
“We have to shift gears and catch up with the rest of the world,” Mutua said.

He said using Maendeleo Chap Chap formula, he will save money and time and give the public what they deserve in terms of development.

Courtesy of capital news.


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