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Mutua says Machakos win proves he reigns supreme over Kalonzo

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Mutua says Machakos win proves he reigns supreme over Kalonzo

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua who has reclaimed his seat in the county’s gubernatorial race says the battle was not with his competitor Wavinya Ndeti, but with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Mutua told journalists that the race had been geared to remove him from power so that he could call off his dreams of contesting the presidency in 2022.

“This victory is special because this competition was not between me and honourable Wavinya Ndeti. Rather, it was between me and Mheshimiwa Kalonzo Musyoka,” he declared.

“Mheshimiwa Kalonzo Musyoka put together all his arsenal and it was not about Wavinya Ndeti; it was about removing Mutua because Mutua was changing the way politics is run in this region of Ukambani that has suffered for many years.”

He urged Kenyans to remain peaceful and called on those who lost not to resort to violence or incitement.

“We need to create a culture whereby if you are defeated, you accept defeat. And we need to create a culture that if you are defeated, follow the legal mechanisms and then get your due that way,” he stated.

 “This country of Kenya is more precious that any one leader. We cannot burn our country because of any one or two people. Let us sit down and discuss everything in a very harmonious way.”

Wavinya however vowed to reject the results citing allegations that some polling station numbers are not tallying.

“We are not accepting the results because we know what happened on the ground. It is very funny. We know the number of registered voters in a polling station and the figures were not adding up,” she stated.


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