About Us

We proudly stand as the Number 1 Kamba station, reflecting the hopes and dreams of the Kamba community. With ingenuity, we skillfully portray their life experiences through the captivating essence of "Our People, Our Life."

Amuka na Mbaitu ( Breakfast show 5am-10am) Host : Sammy Mulinge & Nzau ya Wia.

Breakfast Show: An interactive, informative, and influential program hosted by Mbilondo ya Mbaitu.

Wia ni Wia Wia ni Wia (Mid-Morning 10am-1pm) Host: Anitah Ndanu

Mid-Morning Show: Empowering citizens to combat poverty and unemployment, presented by

Pozi sya Mbaitu (Afternoon Show 1pm-4pm) Host: Nicko Nyamai (Dj Momwakis)

Afternoon Show: Enjoy the finest reggae and dancehall music with Nickko

Watindata (Drive show 4pm-8pm) Host: Mercy Mawia aka Kamuwetangi & Meshack Kaleli (Nzokolo)

Drive Show: Mercy and Kalleli for insightful discussions on love, marriage, and relationships as they get you ears listening to day end tone down soothing music.

Ukomo wa Mbaitu (Night Show 8pm-Mid night) Host: Pelle Munaa.

Munyaunyo wa Mbaitu (Saturday Breakfast show 5am-10am) Host: Nzau ya Wia

Miondoko ya Mateens(Saturday Mid-morning show 10am-1pm) Host :Mercy Mawia-Kamuwetangi.

Mituvuko ya Makai (1pm-4pm) Host :Nicko Nyamai -Kijana Msafi.

Mituvuko Iwanzani (Evening show 4pm-7pm) Host: Kisae Fire

Ukomo wa Mbaitu. (Night Show) Host: Pelle Munaa.

Muutia wa Klisto (Sunday morning worship 5am-10am) Host: Sammy Mulinge.

Utumo wa Nthyumuo (Rhumba music session 10am-2pm) Host: Dan Mwendwa alias Kijana Mzee

Wasya wa Etikili. (Sunday Evening Worship session 2pm-7pm) Host: Sista Mirrie

Kilumi kya Mbaitu ( Kamba cultural songs 7pm-10pm) Host: Meshack Kaleli.

Mbusi sya Thayu (Marriage counseling program 10pm- Mid Night) Host: Meshack Kaleli.