Mbaitu Presenters

Wasya wa Etikili

The show aires between 2pm-7pm every Sunday.


Miriam Koki (Sister Mirrie) plays a blend of gospel songs and reads bible verses for a refreshing afternoon after sunday church service.

The program is segmented to suit every one in the family Sister Miriam reads SMS’s and picks phone calls to encourage listeners encouraging them with selected gospel music and inspirational messages. Wasya wa Etikili (Voice of a Believer) is a must to reconnect and connect with your maker.

Amuka na Mbaitu

 Show runs from 5.00am- 10am every weekday

Join ‘Musungu Kyumbe’ James Malombe mwisukuue wa delamaire, with Sammy Mulinge –Man Mbilo as they wake you up each day of the week, with a mix of sweet gospel and secular music. Musungu & Mulinge discusses concerns on matters of relationships, leadership, good governance and development within their locality in the hour dubbed Mbunge ya Mweenethi (citizen parliament). Social issues are also discussed in “Nikyau Kiutetya Nguku” hour and the shootouts in the last hour with selected hits during -Ikwatile

Musungu and Mulinge have the perfect start on Mbaitu FM to kick off a good start of every morning.

Wia ni Wia


Meet Meshack Kaleli Mwanake wa wia ‘Ula father’in the mid morning show from 10.00am- 1.00pm. ‘Nzokolo’ will inform and entertain you as you handle your daily chores by playing your selected hits with business themes to put you in working mood.

The presenter encourage listeners to take their tasks with dedication, giving tips on work ethics, jobs or business opportunities, provide links between job seekers and employers, encourages listeners on the culture of work-whatever your tasks may be.

Highly interactive with a blend of discussions and call-ins, Wia ni Wia presents itself as Mbaitu’s vehicle for citizens to fight the advances of poverty and inspire with success stories. The presenter drives the show with ease and fans can’t afford to miss the show.

Pozi Sya Mbaitu

Show runs from every weekday from 1.00-4.00pm
The show is presented by Johnstone Kiusya-Joe Joe who plays the hottest reggae tunes, local hits from old favourites to hot and new smashing hits.

Daily during the show between 3pm -4pm the host will have ‘connection time’ (where he connects people who are seeking love. The presenter engages the audiences with discussions amid reading out their greetings cards and their SMSs, presenting one of the hottest youth shows in the market.


irene ny

The show airs from 4.00pm-8.00pm hosted by Irene Nyanzi-Mwella and Jeremiah Mumo- Nzau yawia ila yi muyo

The show works to make the day end easier. The show is designed to respond to what is happening within the lives of the listeners hence being a highly interactive show

The show gains momentum during the last hour as listeners leave work. ‘Kumenukya’- take them home- is the segment that spins it all in this program after a tiresome day at work.

The presenters aptly capture the dynamics of a working day in a jovial mood and the soothing music.

Ukomo Wa Mbaitu


Segment airs from 8.00pm- 12 midnight

MUKUNU MBWIKOEvery weekday evening Mukunu Mbwiko (mutumia utekya nthenge ndivu) drive the evening schedule.

The show presenters interactively talk about a wide range of issues in life. A satirical approach to life makes Ukomo wa Mbaitu a compelling listen, wiping off all the days stress with a mix of top Benga hits, featuring Akamba artists.

Between 11.00pm – 12 midnight you will be soothed to sweet dreams- Too Museo(good night)with the play of Kikamba vernacular oldies.


The show airs on Saturday from 5pm to 7pm

terry picThis is a political show that is hosted by Terry Nzau. At King’ang’ani ,a platform of ideas is presented by Mbaitu fm to interrogate leaders and their actions

Terry will discuss in depth political issues that affect the Kamba nation and the country as a whole. The presenter will host politicians and opinion leaders to discuss the week’s events.

Muutia Wa Kristo


The show airs between 5am – 10am every Sunday.

MEASHACK KALELIThe show is presented by Meshack Kaleli Aka Father witu. Kaleli will play gospel music as you prepare to go to church. He will host a sermon at 8am – 9am .

Kaleli will give you the best Sunday experience and lift up your heart to the Lord.

Utomo wa Nthyumuo


The show airs 10am – 1pm on Sunday.

The show has a theme of comforting those who had a hectic and busy weekend.Mukunu Mbwiko -Dj Wingala plays rumba lingala music as he reads SMSs and picks calls from listeners.

Wingala helps the listeners to seek and talk to long lost friends through the show.

tab title=”Munyaunyo Wa Mbaitu“]

The show airs 5am – 11am m on Saturday.

The show has a theme of highlighting all weeks’s  activities from Monday -Friday.

The presenter starts with awaking the listeners and highlighting all days activities.

It has a segment which discusses developments agenda to the society and also health segment which focuses on health matters with a professional doctor.

[tab title=”Weekend Smart“]

The show is Hosted by McDonald Mathew ‘Daktari’

The show airs 11am – 2pm m on Saturday.

The show has a theme of  highlighting Saturday’s activities .

The Presenter enganges the listeners in all segments by playing good hits and interviewing different musicians from different areas in the region.

In the last hour,he has a music countdown where he plays the hottest hits as per the listerners choice.

Dont Miss this show