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August 7, 2023

Zetech University professor invents motorbike that runs on old laptop batteries.

A professor from Zetech University has improvised an electric motorcycle that uses batteries from old laptops.

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“It is a reconstructed electric motorcycle powered by four battery packs from old laptop cells and a hub motor,” Professor Gitau said.

The motorbike, dubbed ‘Eco-Mobilus,’ takes two and a half hours to be fully charged and saves him 80% of fuel costs on a daily basis.

“When fully charged, it can go for 120km and does not produce sound or cause carbon dioxide emissions,” he added.

“I bought an abandoned motorcycle chassis, removed the petrol engine, and replaced it with a motor, and discarded laptop battery cells. I was motivated by the large amounts of e-waste that could be recycled and the huge potential for expansion and scalability in Kenya,” Prof Gitau said.

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