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August 10, 2023



Do you also cry because of a movie? Yes, I’m  sure I’m not the first person to admit the number of times I have found myself crying for no reason are many. Many things can make a woman emotional, mostly everything has been blamed  on her hormones. Whenever a woman is about to have her periods, she can get very emotional and her mood changes a lot from being happy or excited to sad. This is normal and not her acting “weird” as men would term it. 

I recently came across an article that said, “We women are like that, not just one, but most of us. Don’t take it as a disorder, rather accept it as a fact. That’s how we are meant to be and like us for what we are and not for what you want us to be.” I couldn’t agree more with it. 

It’s been scientifically proven that men use the left side of their brain making them more efficient in dealing with situations by applying logical reasoning, and rationality. Women on the other hand use both sides of their brain and therefore deal with problems and issues with creativity being aware of the feelings associated with it.

The right side of our brain is responsible for our ability to express our feelings, thoughts, and language grasping. Therefore, women are also known for being better at picking up new languages and for being creative.

These are some of the things which can make a woman more emotional than men;

It’s more socially acceptable for women to be emotional– When a woman is hurt she is expected to fringe and cry about it. Honestly, this allows women to outwardly express their emotions freely. 

Raised to be Yes, I said it! We are raised to be emotional. Now before you defend yourself by saying that’s not true, hear me out, I was raised in a big family. I can tell you I’m a very emotional person. I was raised to always think about other people no matter what I do because my actions affect other people. This builds empathy and being in touch with my emotions.

It is in our nature to be empathetic– I know for sure in school we read books where women were the caretakers of the society and this made them very empathetic. Having to take care of your family and making sure everyone is catered for will make you emotional.

Insecurity– With all the social media pressure given to women to be perfect with a certain body shape, fancy clothes, perfect make-up, relationship goals amongst others, who wouldn’t be emotional if everything is set out to first question who you are as a being? 

It’s okay to be emotional. We just always have to be in control of our emotions and not let them control you.

Dear woman, it is okay to be emotional! 

Written by – Ann Munyasya


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