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August 21, 2023

22- & 32-year-old Kenyan men fight over 42-year-old woman.

A man identified as Jaden Rado ‘Baba Ryan’ has threatened his former wife’s 22 year old boyfriend.

Baba Ryan maintained that the woman’s current lover should stick to his lane or risk being maimed.



“Respect your lane na stay kwa lane yako hii kuja kunitanga tangia uta end up ukiwa kilema bila kupenda” He warned.

According to Baba Ryan, he wants to have custody of his two children failure to that they’ll have no peace.

“Return my kids na hao watakuwa na peace, kama hawarudishi watoi nao wajue wako pabaya and I don’t care what’s going to happen and I don’t give a damn…no one messes with Rastas” he reassured.

Baba Ryan narrated that before he fell out with his wife, all was well and they lived happily.

However, he points out that the woman was not submissive as she was moneyed.

He further advised the woman’s new lover known as Promise, that he will soon be dumped by the woman.

“Huyu Promise mwenye ako na madam si ati wataenda naye sana ata yeye atakaa kidogo awachwe so asifikirie ati ashafika, hajafika bado” he continued.

What hurts him most is that his wife cheated on him before and still eloped with a younger man.

On why his woman left, he says is due to his tight working conditions keeping him out for days.

Mama Ryan and her 22 year old boyfriend known as Promise recently took the internet by storm with their relationship.

The woman is not only 42 years old but also older than Promise’s mother.

The new lovebirds have continued to serve netizens with couple goals unperturbed by the noise over their huge age difference.

What’s stands out in this entanglement is that both of the woman’s past and current boyfriend’s are younger than her.

Baba Ryan is 32 years old, 10 years younger than the woman while Promise is 22 years old.

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