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August 30, 2023

MCK urges journalists to be peace advocates.

MCK Meru Regional Coordinator Jackson Karanja says journalists need to be equipped with vital skills in reporting conflict or misunderstandings within communities in the region.

“The importance of conflict-sensitive reporting lies in the potential to contribute to peacebuilding, conflict resolution and social cohesion within communities that might be experiencing tensions or conflicts”, said Karanja

He called on the journalists to advocate for change and progress in the society by framing their stories and using language that promotes peace and understanding rather than inciting violence.

“The media plays a crucial role in shaping public perceptions and influencing attitudes. Journalists need to be trained to report on conflicts in a way that promotes understanding, tolerance and solutions rather than escalating the situation,” he added.

MCK Media Analyst Evans Kiogora spoke on the importance of accreditation and asked the journalists to subscribe to the process offered by the Council to uphold professionalism and adhere to the set standards in the media industry.

“Accreditation by the Council not only helps in fostering professionalism but also goes a long way in ensuring that the media environment continues to grow in the foundations of integrity,” noted Mr. Kiogora.


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