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September 4, 2023

Congregants from AIC Katulani , in Ikalaasa DCC in Mwala didn’t have a service.

Congregants from AIC Katulani , in Ikalaasa DCC in Mwala yesterday didn’t have a service.

This is because the congregants went to church only yo find police officers who were sent to close down the church after what is said to be leadership wrangles among the leaders in the DCC and the congregants who claim that they are being forced to accept a pastor who is being imposed on them by the DCC.

Talks between the leadership committee to know the problem didn’t bear fruit after the chairperson and the secretary of the DCC committee which is responsible for the transfer of the pastor namely Cecilia Katave Taabu refused to engage untill the committee had a sit down.

That being said , reports have been given by one member of the committee who chose not to be mentioned who showed us a letter with reasons why the Pastor lady has been removed from AIC Katulani

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