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September 12, 2023

A traditional healer marries seven wives in one week.

A man from Kijjo village in Namasengere Town council in Uganda has elicited reaction from netizens after he shared a photo of himself and his seven wives wearing wedding gowns on his social media platforms.

Traditional healer introduced by 7 wives | Monitor

The man by the name Habib Nsikonnene, who by profession is traditional healer said that he visited each of his bride’s home for an introduction ceremony in a period of one week gifting each of his parents in law a bodaboda among other gifts.

He tied the note with each of his bride in a Nikah ceremony at their respective homes.

He then invited his friends and relatives for the final ceremony that was held in his home on Sunday.

He and his seven wives arrived in a convoy of about 35 cars and 40 motorcycles.

Two of the wives are sisters ailing from Katoogo village, Nama sub county.

What caught our attention is the fact that  all the seven women reside in the same house.

The area chairman, Emmanuel Owere revealed that he planned on naming a road after Mr Habib because he has brought fame to Namasengere  village.

Habib is a traditional healer with no other source of income. According to a fellow villager, he spent 80 million Ugandan shillings which translates to KSh 3,151,743.

“He owns a fleet of cars and motorcycles and as a practicing traditional healer, he gets many clients, most of them from Kampala,” said the villager.

Mr Habibu stated that the big intention  of marrying seven wives is to have 100 children.

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