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September 26, 2023

Pastor enters lions’ den-invites congregants

The internet is buzzing with reactions to a jaw-dropping video making the rounds on social media.

In the daring spectacle, an unidentified pastor finds himself in the midst of a lions’ den.

Seemingly attempting to reenact the famous biblical tale of Daniel surviving among these majestic beasts.

As the video went viral, opinions varied widely, sparking heated debates and humorous quips.

In an audacious endeavour to mirror the biblical story, the pastor boldly entered a lion’s den.

Further, he brought members of his congregation to witness everything.

The video was shared by influencer Tunde Ednut on Instagram.

It highlighted the pastor’s intent—to demonstrate that “nothing can happen to a man of God” in the face of danger.

As the footage unfolded, the pastor, dressed in a confident blue suit, calmly interacted with two lionesses on separate occasions.

Captivated onlookers observed the pastor’s daring feat from behind a sturdy metal protector.

The meta protector provided a safe vantage point for the congregation to witness the unprecedented display of faith.

Astonishingly, the lionesses appeared unfazed by his presence.

Moreover, the lions showed no signs of aggression or resistance as he playfully caressed them.

The internet’s response to this extraordinary event has been nothing short of electrifying.


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