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September 28, 2023

British pilot sacked for snorting cocaine off topless woman

A British Airways pilot has been sacked after bragging to colleagues about snorting cocaine off a topless woman just hours before he was supposed to be flying back to the UK.

British Airways pilot Mike Beaton. PHOTO/The Sun

A co-worker raised the alarm on Mike Beaton just hours before he was due to co-pilot a flight from South Africa back to Britain after he revealed his night of debauchery.

In texts to a stewardess, Beaton, from Devon, claimed he was left ‘so f** I couldn’t even lift my head gone 2’ after his all-night partying.

The father-of-one’s behaviour forced the airline to delay the flight for 24 hours while it tried to find a suitable replacement for him, costing them an estimated £100,000.

When Beaton returned to Britain the next day as a passenger, he was forced to undergo a drug test, which reportedly came back positive.

British Airways has insisted there was no risk to passengers and revealed that he no longer works for the company.

In a number of messages, the pilot allegedly brags about how he spent the night with a Welsh woman, a Spanish woman, and a number of other men.

He had allegedly been showing off about his wild night to colleagues while on downtime in South Africa.

Beaton revealed to friends that things had got out of hand after meeting the group of people at a nightclub in the city, it is reported.

The pilot then went back to one of the men’s flats before boasting that the ‘girls are dancing topless’ before he decided to snort cocaine off one of their chest’s – it is claimed.

“So then there’s a debate about whose chest is the best to do a bump off,” he bragged.


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