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October 2, 2023

Marathoner seeks compensation after a dog cost him first place in race

A Kenyan athlete, who was attacked by a dog during the Buenos Aires marathon in Argentina, is seeking compensation for the losses he incurred during the race.

Robert Ng’eno came in third but failed to finish the race under the required two hours and ten minutes to win an extra $2000.

Man fails to win Buenos Aires marathon after being attacked by a dog while  leading | Marca

29-year-old Ng’eno was aiming for the golden prize, but then an unattended dog charged towards him at the 25-kilometer mark, ‘stealing’ his concentration

“That Argentinian dog was on the side, it saw me, I don’t know if it got startled, but we fought with that dog for about a minute, at the time other competitors were way behind as I fought with that dog,” Ng’eno said.

We met him at his home in Keringet where he recounts the terrifying experience.

“I was well-prepared for that race, I was able to run well with my colleagues, up to twelve kilometers,” Ng’eno added.

Ng’eno had targeted to cross the 21-kilometer mark in one hour and three minutes.

“I was with the group at the time I had targeted. I continued at my pace and saw my friends starting to slow down. I kept going like that until fifteen kilometres, that’s when I experienced the ordeal,” Ng’eno narrated.

Ng’eno helplessly struggled for about two minutes to get away from the ferocious animal, as the bystanders watched, perhaps ignorant of the scene unfolding right in front of their eyes.

“While struggling with that dog, nobody bothered to help, a woman who later communicated to the dog to calm down after the struggle,” he said.

“After fighting with that dog, I went on to about thirty kilometres but I had already lost my concentration,” Ng’eno lamented.

Despite coming in at number 3, the upcoming athlete now blames the incident for his unsatisfactory performance. He took home $4,000 but missed out on the extra $2,000 he was eyeing.

Athletics Kenya now says they are yet to receive an official complaint from the athlete.

Ng’eno has participated in several races in and out of the country, including the Saudi Arabia Half Marathon and Stockholm Marathon, where he took first and fourth positions respectively.

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