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October 12, 2023

Manhunt on as six South Africa prisoners escape.


The authorities in South Africa’s Western Cape province are searching for six prisoners who escaped from the holding cell of a magistrates’ court

File photo of South African police

One of the prisoners has been arrested but the other five are still on the run.

Authorities say that the prisoners, aged between 20 and 33, are “armed and dangerous”.

The prisoners were waiting to be transported to a correctional detention facility after appearing in court earlier on Wednesday.

“Preliminary investigation suggests that the detainees overpowered one of the police officials and disarmed him. Several shots were fired in the direction of the police officials, but no-one was hit or wounded,” police spokesman Malcolm Pojie told South Africa’s News 24 outlet.

He added that the offenders escaped on foot.

The offenders were on trial for multiple serious charges, including murder, attempted murder, aggravated robbery and assault.

Following their escape, the authorities have further charged them with escape from lawful custody, attempted murder and robbery of a firearm.

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