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October 13, 2023

Tanzania to conduct body shaping surgery.

Nicki Hip-Butt Pad Strapless Bodyshaper - Shapes By Mena

A National Hospital in Tanzania named Muhimbili-Mloganzila is expected to conduct the first bariatric and reconstructive Surgery beginning 27, 2023.

The surgery is primary made to reduce extra fat in the body, rectify what one finds unconvincing in their body or even  increase the size of some body parts like breast, hips and buttocks and other body parts.


Head surgeon at Muhimbili-Mloganzila Hospital Dkt Eric Muhumba said the first surgery will be led by top notch Doctors from India MedINCREDI led by Dkt Mohit Bhandari.


The surgery to reduce body fat is to done by reducing stomach size with a motive of having one to feed a small portion of meal than he does using endoscopia  Technology.


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