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October 25, 2023

Have you visited Baobab tree Chapel in Kitui.

A few kilometres outside Kitui county, as you head to Ikutha, there is a Baobab forest that stretches a good distance. The Baobab tree is believed to be special because of its unique physical appearance of growing upside down.

The Baobab tree is also able to survive harsh conditions, growing higher than most desert vegetation.

The Baobab Chapel is a Baobab tree whose trunk has been hollowed out to create something like a dome.

It is believed to have offered shelter to long-distance traders during their voyage to and from the coast.

The branches of the tree also hold water whenever it rains thus providing water for the traders and their animals. To this day, cattle and wild animals will be seen drinking from these pools of water.

The olden Kamba generation would, therefore, use these trees as shrines to offer worship and sacrifice during their journeys

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