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November 17, 2023

Kalenjins dominate County Jobs.

Kalenjins dorminate 184,876 jobs in counties – NCIC
Members from the Kalenjin community have taken the majority of jobs in the counties, an audit by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission shows.
The audit, which sought to establish ethnic diversity compliance in counties, showed Kalenjins have taken 15.83 per cent of the total 184, 876 jobs in the 47 counties.
Kalenjins have been closely followed by the Kikuyu community who have taken 15.77 per cent of jobs then Luhya (11.6 per cent), Luo (9.81 per cent), Kamba (8.88 per cent), Kisii (7.68 per cent), Meru (4.88 per cent) and Mijikenda (4.60 per cent).
“It is sad to note that 29 tribes take only one per cent of the jobs. This is shocking, it is not inclusive,” said Commissioner Danvas Makori.
Commissioner Wambui Nyutu, however, noted that counties have made strides in employing women.
“The audit showed of the total 184, 876 employees, 53 per cent are women. On employment of women, we have no quarrels,” Nyutu added.
Nairobi has the highest number of employees at 13, 510 followed by Kakamega (7,087) and Bungoma (6,477).
NCIC Commissioner Abdulaziz Farah said the study was conducted because Kenyans have suffered inequalities perpetuated by colonial masters and successive governments.
Farah said the study was conducted at the 10th anniversary of devolution to establish whether there are gains achieved since counties came into existence.
“Our main problem as a country is inequitable distribution of resources. The theatre of this conflict is in counties,” he said.
Farah noted that Garissa was the only county that did not comply with a request to provide data.
He noted that diversity includes culture, race, ethnicity, gender and religion.
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