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August 3, 2023

Fuel prices spike in Tanzania.

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority in Tanzania has announced a 17% increment in fuel prices due to scarcity that has increased the Value of the US dollar.

Pump Prices Fall - Kenyan Wallstreet

“Changes in prices of petroleum products in August 2023 are mainly due to challenges in the availability of US Dollars and changes in the fuel levy, prices of petroleum products in the world market, and premiums in the importation of petroleum products,” Dr. James Mwainyekule, the director general of Ewura, stated.

According to the statement released by (EWURA) Director General James Mwainyekule Petrol will now retail at Sh3,199 (Ksh.186.46) a litre from Sh2,736 (Ksh.159).

Diesel has also increased to Sh2,935 (Ksh.171) a litre from Sh2,544 (Ksh.148) while Kerosene showing a slight decrease from Sh2,829 (Ksh164.89) to Sh2,668 (Ksh.155) a litre. Tanzanians are now familiar with the phrase wildly used in Kenya “pain at the pump” due to the Sky rocketing of fuel prices days after Kenya began sourcing cheap fuel from its Swahili speaking neighbor.’ Following the implementation of the Finance Bill 2023 Kenya was the only East African nation with high fuel tariffs.

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