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August 17, 2023

Research shows 44% of the population are burdened by the cost of living.

NielsenIQ , a consumer intelligence company aimed at delivering the most complete understanding of consumer buying behavior and revealing new pathways to growth today held a breakfast conference at the Radisson Blu hotel , Arboretum here in Nairobi.

NielsenIQ Sets the Pace for the Omnichannel Measurement Revolution

In attendance were key industry stakeholders in East Africa, hosted by Faith Wanderi, managing director Eastern and West Africa.

In attendance was Kobus Eksteen , the Sub Sahara Africa Analytics Commercial leader, Dr. Simon Githuku , Research and Fiscal Policy Manager, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Clovis Munsense, East and West Africa Analytics Lead .

Speaking to the many company representatives, the above mentioned leaders had an interactive, informative session analysing the current market patterns with regard to product consumption.

According to NielsenIQ research, 39% of Kenyans feel like the economy is bad while 44% of the population are burdened by the cost of living.

The report also states that there are key things that are of importance to the consumers as at now;

76% are concerned about access to basic needs.

74% are concerned about future planning.

72% are concerned about financila job security.

74% are mindful of their mental wellness.

As of now, only 58% of Kenyans have enough to eat.

The professionals pointed out that the current Kenyan is least concerned with brand loyalty but they just buy what they can afford.

The meeting, well coordinated by renown journalist Mark Masai was eye opening to those in attendance.

NielsenIQ company helps you analyse the market and advises you accordingly putting in mind the current market trends.

To know more about them , click the link below.


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