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October 18, 2023

Zuchu’s mother invites other men to date the artist.

The renowned and soulful Taarab songstress Khadija Kopa widely celebrated as the mother of  Zuchu, has finally confronted the rumors surrounding her daughter’s relationship with the award-winning singer, Diamond Platnumz.

In an exclusive interview with Wasafi Media, Khadija unequivocally laid down the law when it comes to Zuchu’s association with Diamond Platnumz.

She highlighted the essential cultural procedures that must be fulfilled to officially declare him as Zuchu’s husband.

Khadija’s definitive stand on Zuchu and Diamond categorically stated that, in their rich cultural tradition, the acknowledgment of a man’s affiliation with a woman depends on the observance of specific customs, most notably the ceremonial payment of dowry.

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