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October 26, 2023

Motorola wants you to wear its new bendable phone

Motorola unveils new smartphone prototype. PHOTO/PCMag

Lenovo-owned Motorola has now unveiled a new shape-shifting phone prototype that can do more than just fold. It is an improved and refined design when compared to the foldable concept phone that Lenovo showcased a few years back.

Back in 2016, Lenovo introduced a concept foldable phone – the Lenovo CPlus, that can be worn around the wrist, and now, years later, in 2023, Motorola has come with a much more refined and improved device.

This prototype features a flexible display with multiple points across the screen, allowing users to not just fold, but also curl and wrap, into a stand or like a smartwatch. The display is a flexible OLED display panel with an FHD+ resolution, and the prototype has been dubbed an “adaptive display” smartphone.

The screen is 6.9″ large, similar to a normal Android smartphone that is now available in the market, and when curled up, the software within the device will automatically adjust the screen to 4.6″. To add, the initial Lenovo CPlus device had a 4.6″ display, but with very thick bezels.

The prototype also points out a feature that the device would support. While the device is curled up and positioned as a stand, users may just move away from the phone and allow the device to capture their picture. With generative theming, the device will be able to find a wallpaper that goes well with the outfit being worn, to match perfectly well when it is used as a smartwatch around the wrist.

As mentioned, this is just a prototype and there still haven’t been any official announcements from the brand’s side regarding the launch of such a device for the general public.


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